Rec FAQ | 4S Ranch Youth Soccer Association

Recreational Teams FAQ

Here you will find some frequently asked questions about our rec program.  Please contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns.

General Spring Season Information:

  • Teams are formed in late February
  • Practices start in late February or early March
  • Season typically runs 10 weeks (March-May)

General Fall Season Information:

  • Teams are finalized in August
  • You will first be contacted by your volunteer coach in August
  • Practices start in late August
  • First game is in early September
  • Season runs 10 weeks (Sept-Nov) with an end of season

Registration FAQ

How do I register?

​Click here to access our Rec Registration page. You will find registration links along with FAQ’s regarding rec registration on that page.

Is there a competitive division?
Yes. The Arsenal FC Soccer club is the competitive arm of 4SRYSA. Click here for more information.

When is the picture day?  Will there be a make-up picture day?
Individual and team photos are typically scheduled around week 3 of the season.  Picture makeup day is typically around week 7.

How many practices are there?
Teams practice once a week for one hour.  Practice times are typically scheduled from 4:00-5:00PM, 5:00-6:00PM, and 6:00-7:00PM.  Practice day and time is based on field availability and the volunteer coach’s schedule.

When are the games scheduled?
Games are scheduled on Saturdays.  Games are scheduled starting at 8:00AM and run through the afternoon.  Generally, the younger ages are in the early morning while the older kids play in the late morning and early afternoon.

Does the league pay for team banners?
No.  The league doesn’t provide team banners, but many teams buy or create them.  They look great on the team photo.

Who should I contact if I have an issue with a referee (U7 and above)?
Contact the boys or girls director of soccer:

What if the uniform doesn’t fit my son or daughter?
The uniform package generally comes with two sizes that match the majority of the kids in the age bracket.  If you have an issue, please notify your coach and he/she will coordinate with our uniform coordinator.

What should my son or daughter bring to practice?

  •  Soccer ball (size 3 for U4/5/6/7, size 4 for U8/9/10/11/12)
  •  Soccer cleats (not baseball cleats!!)
  •  Shin guards
  •  Socks, shorts, shirts or warm-ups (when it’s cooler)
  •  A drink for water breaks

What are good snack ideas for games?
Most coaches ask the players to take turns bringing snacks for the games.  Half-time snack ideas are: apple slices, orange wedges and grapes – any fruit really.  A small healthy treat and juice are great for a post-game snack.

Does the league provide any training for the coaches?
Yes.  We provide a Youth Module 1 (YM1) 3-hour course for new and existing coaches.  This free training provides coaches enough information to get started coaching at the recreational level.  Coaches training is held each year a week or so before the season starts.