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Futsal Testimonials

“I learned football by playing it, in Futsal, in the street and in the park. By the time I joined Sao Paulo I had already developed my style of play. At the Club they just had to say to me ‘go here and do what you already know’ or ‘do this and then just do what you know’. The skill was already there, nurtured by endless hour of Futsal”.

Oscar – Chelsea and Brazil.

“In Portugal all we played growing up was Futsal. If it wasn’t for Futsal I definitely would not be the player that I am today”.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid and Portugal.

“Futsal is an extremely important way for kids to develop their skills and understanding of the game. My touch and my dribbling have all come from playing Futsal”.

Ronaldinho – Barcelona and Brazil

“As a little boy in Argentina, I played Futsal on the streets and for my Club. It was tremendous fun and helped me become the player that I am today”.

Lionel Messi – Barcelona and Argentina

Friday Night Gunners Futsal

Oak Valley Middle School Gym

16055 Winecreek Rd, San Diego, CA 92127

Ages 7 -18

Cost:  $350 per team/ $325 discounted rate registered before June 1 – $50 per player (without a team).  Each participant will receive a t-shirt

Register today at: https://members.arsenalfcsandiego.com

Futsal is the only form of indoor soccer endorsed by FIFA. It earned the status of FIFA’s official form of indoor soccer in the 1980s as it was recognized as a scaled down version of outdoor soccer played indoors. It is a 5 v 5 small-sided game played on a hard surfaced, basketball sized court with a smaller, heavier low bounce ball. Futsal is played with touchline boundaries and without walls.

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